Saturday, October 26, 2013

Get to Know the Veterinarian Resources You Can Apply

Finding a good and reliable veterinarian is never an easy task if you are staying in a remote area far off from city facilities. Taking care of your pet in such condition may worsen to any extent if you are running short of funds or time to meet a vet. But what will you do if your dear pet seems to be accident prone or have medical condition. Taking away right to the veterinarian at long distance won’t be feasible option for sure.

Rather before planning to meet the emergency vet you can do some research online to get information on the specific queries or condition of your pet. If you are residing in a remote countryside of Boca Raton, Florida, your search for Boca Raton Veterinarian may start with online inquiry. There are some finest places to find online advice from veterinarians as well.

Here are some tips you can follow while seeking out a new veterinarian:

1. If you have relocated or got a new pet, consult with your friends, family and colleagues if they have any clue about a good vet nearby. If contacts are available, ask them why they favor that vet.

2. If you have an existing vet, seek an alternative opinion or referral if possible. If you are not comfortable about asking for reference, then trying out some other alternatives could work well.

3. Call your state veterinary medical association (VMA) for specialist recommendation.

4. You will also find several websites that conducts a localized veterinarian or veterinary hospital hunts for you. Finding a good Boca Raton Emergency Vet is not at all difficult if you take help from yellow pages

5. Once you collected some names of veterinarians in your area after considerable research work, check what type of pets are handled by the vet. Then call the office directly or stop by the vet office.

6. Check whether the reception staffs is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.

7. Match the vet’s office hour work with your schedule and life style

8. Can you avail the emergency treatment after hours and on holidays?

9. Verify whether all the veterinary staffs like doctors, assistants, technicians are enough knowledgeable.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Caution: New Dog Virus Discovered

A Beagle died in California. Four dogs in Colorado died at a boarding kennel but only one tested positive for the new virus.  Another is sick in Illinois.  (After this story posted, I was emailed that a dog in Western PA, near the Ohio border has it and one almost died of it in New Jersey…)
Every animal and health agency involved is looking into the treatment for this new virus, named DogCV for canine circovirus, if there is one–and the exact cause of the deaths. Until then, it has been advised that dog owners avoid public places, or at the very least, take precaution.
Not wanting to be an alarmist, I do need you to know that from showing symptoms/acting “odd” and sick (see further down for symptoms) to death is just days.  I stress, there is no cure or treatment yet so be careful.
(I am wondering if the canine distemper serum might work–or a variation thereof–since it is made to treat the deadly distemper disease, a virus as well.  I will hear from Dr. Sears later this week, the vet who discovered the distemper serum, to see what he concludes.)
In the meantime, if you own a dog, please read some or all of the articles below.  Each has just a little bit more to add.  It is worth your time to do so.  This is very serious.
It should be noted that the deaths may not be from the circovirus alone or at all–it could be two things together or the circovirus could be just coincidental to something else–or a co-infection. Don’t panic.
FYI, the dogs’ clinical signs included bloody diarrhea and vomiting, extreme lethargy, neurological problems and lack of appetite. Severe hemorrhagic gastroenteritis and vasculitis are associated with DogCV.

How Should You Choose the Best Veterinary Service

The very same way you consult with your doctor about the prescribed medicines for you or your family members, you should also talk to your veterinarian about your pet’s medications. It is important for you to understand how to treat an illness in your pet and how to follow up with your veterinarian subsequently.

There are certain prerequisites while choosing a veterinarian for your pet or pets.

Let us view the considerations here below:

First, think what type of animals you have. For small pets like cats, dogs, guinea pigs, and mammals such as bunnies, meet a small animal vet. Seek out a specialist if you have exotic species like lizards, birds etc. For large animals like horses, cows, pigs, sheep you need to visit a large animal veterinarian.

If you held from Boca Raton, United States and looking for emergency care clinic for your loving pet over there, go and meet an experienced Boca Raton Vet. If you have mixture of such animals then find such veterinary service where you can keep all the records in a central location.

Long travel time in a car is what many pets do not enjoy. Hence, you need to find a vet, which is very near by especially if you are using public transportation. In fact taking a long time off from your work to visit the pet is also very problematic.

Always check the payment methods with the veterinarian. Some time s you may need to use your credit card for paying the doctor in full, so check in advance whether your vet accepts credit card or not. If you look for emergency service and ask for financial assistance, there are agencies to fund you as well. If you have pet insurance, your doctor visits can come under its coverage too.

While choosing a Boca Raton veterinarian, you can believe on word of mouth recommendations from your friends, neighbors, relatives, and co-workers. If you have unsatisfactory visit, never hesitate to take your pet to another vet. Always chose pet friendly veterinary clinics.

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