Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Caution: New Dog Virus Discovered

A Beagle died in California. Four dogs in Colorado died at a boarding kennel but only one tested positive for the new virus.  Another is sick in Illinois.  (After this story posted, I was emailed that a dog in Western PA, near the Ohio border has it and one almost died of it in New Jersey…)
Every animal and health agency involved is looking into the treatment for this new virus, named DogCV for canine circovirus, if there is one–and the exact cause of the deaths. Until then, it has been advised that dog owners avoid public places, or at the very least, take precaution.
Not wanting to be an alarmist, I do need you to know that from showing symptoms/acting “odd” and sick (see further down for symptoms) to death is just days.  I stress, there is no cure or treatment yet so be careful.
(I am wondering if the canine distemper serum might work–or a variation thereof–since it is made to treat the deadly distemper disease, a virus as well.  I will hear from Dr. Sears later this week, the vet who discovered the distemper serum, to see what he concludes.)
In the meantime, if you own a dog, please read some or all of the articles below.  Each has just a little bit more to add.  It is worth your time to do so.  This is very serious.
It should be noted that the deaths may not be from the circovirus alone or at all–it could be two things together or the circovirus could be just coincidental to something else–or a co-infection. Don’t panic.
FYI, the dogs’ clinical signs included bloody diarrhea and vomiting, extreme lethargy, neurological problems and lack of appetite. Severe hemorrhagic gastroenteritis and vasculitis are associated with DogCV.


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